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Gertrude Taylor
Keeping You Healthy

$200/hour · $30 Intro Call
Next Available:Mar 31, 11:00 pm UTC

Offers Virtual Support

Meet Gertrude


Gertrude specializes in cutting through the mystique of wellness to help you solve any medical issue you’re facing.

specializes in:

Emotional Support



Gertrude became an advocate after watching those around her struggle with health issues despite their cushioned lifestyles. She has experience working alongside concierge doctors in her home hamlet of Frost Point, and balances her work as an emotional support coach with dedicated philanthropy.

Education & Credentials


Brown University

Masters in English Literature

Mar 2013 - Aug 2012

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)


Wellness and Lifestyle



Chinese Mandarin



Concierge Consultant

Frost Beach Medical

Oct 2012 - Present

Westport, CT

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